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Refund & Cancellation

As the products and services offered by BoxesExpert.com are based on customer inquiries, customers are requested to notify the company, if the products provided do not conform to the terms and conditions, or are defective, to support@BoxesExpert.com during 3 active days after order receipt.

Refunds are not an option, however, the company offers a free reprint order if a defect in the product is proven to be on the company’s part. The defect was discovered by the Boxes Expert management team. All orders must be returned within 7 working days to the customer at their own expense along with the appropriate documentation or product defects and digital photographs so that the order can be properly reprinted. If the error is on the part of the customer and he still wants a refund, they should return the printed work to us, we will be given a chargeback after removing the product arrangement and shipping charges from the company.