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Customized Boxes are necessary for every industry to ensure their visibility among all. Get your boxes with your own logo at a market competitive price without any hidden charges

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Customized Boxes At Your Door Step

We are customized printed boxes wholesale dealer & spreading the real color to the world for the last decades. Our Supply Chain Management make us Strong Enough to make promises to our clients by delivering their desired customized packaging boxes to door step.

What We Do!

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Offset Printing
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Why Custom Boxes are Important

Custom packaging is not just cardboard boxes or other materials, it is your brand’s statement to your customers. Custom Boxes are the physical way to connect and educate people about your company’s vision, mission and products.

Custom Packaging and Your First Impression

Imagine you are launching a new product and you need a unique box that customers have never seen before, you need a soft, elegant, refined and colored box that fits best to your product. These boxes will make the long-lasting first impression in the mind of the customer. Boxes Expert is an expert in custom boxes.

Custom Packaging: a Marketing Tool for Your Brand

Custom boxes are marketing tool for the brands with the combination of right colors, size and material. Custom boxes are the source to connect with the customers in such a way that makes your brand relevant and interesting to them. provides boxes that reflects the personality of the brands.

Custom Packaging Boxes Are An Experience

You may had watched unboxing videos on the social media platforms, unboxing of custom boxes create the suspense and interest. If people watching these unboxing videos for the first time and they like the box, then they will consider buying them. provides the lovely customized boxes.

Custom Packaging Sets Your Products Apart

Custom packaging boxes contain the logo and name of the brand so the box becomes the symbol of companies’ products. At first glance your customers can recognize your brand in many others. Custom packaging boxes provided by the are made according to your massage to the customers, i.e., environmental friendly brand.

Custom Packaging with Your printed Logo Is Memorable

In custom printed boxes you can add the colors of your own choice, can add addons like embossing, debossing, UV and lot of other options that make your brand logo memorable. Custom printed boxes give unique look to your product in all the “same” styles of products on the shelves. Certain type of printing on the custom printed boxes creates a very attractive and unique display that catches the eye and get noticed. Boxes Expert provide such boxes that stand out your product in the shelves.

Custom Packaging Is Worth the Investment for Small Businesses

Custom packaging boxes with your logo are often more expensive than the standard size boxes, but it’s not just for the largest companies in the world. Boxes Expert provide beautiful custom packaging boxes at competitive price. Good packaging elevates your brands and product to another level; therefore, it makes custom printed boxes the incremental investment.

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Mailer Boxes
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Top Leading Manufacturer Of Packaging & Printing Services In The USA

Why Boxes Expert

Leading manufacturers of packaging

One of the top leading manufacturers of packaging and printing services in the USA is Boxes Expert. We have been providing reliable and high-quality packaging and printing solutions for a long time and we are experts in any kind of customized packaging. We have a proven track record of success and our cutting-edge technology and services have made it one of the most sought-after companies in the industry.


We are specialized in providing traditional and digital printing services, along with its premiere packaging solutions. Our services include custom packaging and design, label printing and shrink wrapping, film printing and lamination, graphic printing and die cutting. We also offer corrugated and cardboard packaging, construction kits, industrial packaging, and bulk packaging services. As a reliable partner, Boxes Expert provides its clients with the assurance of a quality product and the confidence that their package or label will always look perfect.

Their commitment to excellence is evidenced by the fact that we are always available to help clients with their packaging and printing needs, no matter how large or small their order is. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced and is always ready to offer advice and suggestions for the best possible solution. It is no wonder that Boxes Expert is trusted by an impressive portfolio of clients including small businesses.

Latest Technology

We stand out from the competition through our innovation and use of the latest technology. Our digital printing processes are incredibly efficient and cost-effective, resulting in a rapid turnaround time and the highest quality of prints. Its traditional printing methods include offset printing and screen printing for a wide variety of products. Whether it is for general packaging or promotional campaigns, we can produce any quantity of print in any material.

Customer Service:

At Boxes Expert, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Our services are tailored to meet individual client needs and our commitments to high standards have resulted in many long-term relationships with our clients.

Overall, Boxes Expert is a trusted leader in the packaging and printing field, offering innovative solutions and unbeatable customer service. Our reliable and high-quality services have made us a leading manufacturer in the USA, and our commitment to excellence is why we have become a preferred choice for companies of all sizes.

Look How Simple We Are

Choose a Style

According to your requirements, you can choose the best packaging style and material. For the best fit, you could choose from our pre-set sizes or enter your own unique dimension. We provide premium custom-printed boxes in a variety of designs and forms. You can select a box style based on the needs of your product.

Choose a Size

To ensure that your product fits exactly within your customized printed boxes, choose the appropriate dimensions (Length, Width, and Depth). We have a staff of packing professionals available via the live chat site, phone, or email if you experience any difficulties during this procedure. alternatively, you may email us at

Get a Free Qutation

You are prepared to set it up! Simply choose how many custom designed boxes you need, and you'll receive an estimate right away. To give you a better look at the final result, we will also provide a 3D mockup of your boxes. Hurry up and grab your custom-printed boxes right away.

We convert yours’s idea into physical form.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are providing expert packaging solutions to our clients globally. We are dealing with Digital, Offset & Screen Printing.

If you change in quantity, we’ll go with the same design and our previous working strategy, but the price varies slightly. If you made any changes in design/artwork after processing the printing process, you might be charged with a new estimated amount.

Our standard lead time is 12 – 14 business working days for the production time. Our Rush Orders usually take 6 – 8 business working days for production.

We also supply physical samples with a nominal sampling fee, and We do not charge sampling charges on bulk quantity.

Once you have placed your order, you should get proof within 1 – 3 business days after receiving your electronic files.

Yes, we offer Free Design Support & Digital Proof (2D & 3D) to conjure what the actual outcome will look like, and we also deliver physical samples.

We provide our services globally; we deliver customized boxes at our client’s doorstep.

Our shipping department is confident in providing hassle-free shipping, but if there are any mishaps, we’ll give the damaged quantity (in some cases).

We are always tried our best to meet the client’s deadline, and we are dealing with DHL, FedEx & UPS.

Yes, we would love you facilitate you with good discounted numbers.

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